Creative Platform Bed With Storage Plans

platform bed with storage

When it comes to bedroom furniture, platform beds have regained their popularity in recent years. Not only are they a stylish sleeping solution, however a comfortable one as well. If you put a premium on storage for all your bedroom furniture, you’ll be able to get a platform bed with storage units incorporated right into them. Many have sliding panels built into the headboard where you can store your timer, books and other bedtime accoutrements while others offer additional storage areas.

If you decide to buy platform beds with storage drawers today, you’ll be given so different choices for several people, a bed with drawers underneath is a great plan. Each brand out there has the similar feature of providing additional storage capability in the room. Nevertheless, each bed has a different and distinct style as well as materials used, which gives the buyer a difficult time in choosing what should be purchased.

One of the advantages of a platform bed is that it offers you a very open look for your bedroom furniture. Rather than making a block mass of mattresses in the center of the room, it creates a more horizontal look, because of the shelves that create the signature platform look.

Hardwood storage platform beds is a kind of material that’s sure to last long, and durable enough to withstand damages like breaks, bends and deterioration. These are traditionally composed of oak or maple woods that are famous to be very tough materials. So the pros connected to hardwood material types of bed include top-level resistance to breakage and damage in addition as great durability.

One thing’s for sure. If you’re looking for a modern bedroom furniture solution that’s airy and light while providing a superb sleeping experience, a platform bed with storage will be a great addition to your bedroom.

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