French Bedroom Style Ideas for New Bedroom Decor

french bedroom decor

When it comes to elegance and sophistication, nothing says it quite like French bedroom decor. Its intricate designs and reliable sort of building means it’ll remain an attention grabbing delight for many years to come. This is one of the explanations that numerous people elect to get French furniture for their bedrooms: it never goes out of fashion. There’s an undeniable timeless quality to French bedroom furniture that creates it ideal for decorating with, whether it’s for your first bedroom design in your new home.

french bedroom furniture

French bedroom designs are commonly floral or toile theme, while others use paisley. Don’t be stingy on the sheets. French design also always provide luxury appearance, and what better way to show that but by the linen. Use them along side plain white sheets with lace or other pretty intricate details. Another characteristic of French design is oversized furniture. Lines are usually dramatic and intricate. Wardrobe usually consists of a big armoire. For more storage, add chest drawers. There’s also an antique dresser and side table.

french bedroom ideas

Although the term French furniture may be a general term that unifies myriad styles of French-style furniture, it’s also largely accepted that it is an umbrella phrase meaning elegant, classically designed and beautiful furnishings. Whenever you add French furniture to your bedroom, you will be adding a stunning , appealing flair to the space, whether the item of furniture in question is a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a dresser or all of the above.

french bedroom inspiration

French bedrooms basically have only one color theme ideas for the room, the more common ones being light blue, green and gold. Pink, light peach and lilacs are also used. Nevertheless, you can choose any color that you want, provided that it matches well with distressed or whitewashed furniture. The plan is to possess a monochromatic scheme for many parts of the space, and throw in another color or two with the accessories. Once you decided on the color themes, you might want to make a decision on how to treat the walls. Use a light-colored paint, or if you’ll secure lovely French wallpaper designs, you’ll also use the same.

french bedroom

If you want elegance, beauty, class and style, as a part of the perfect atmosphere for your room French bedroom furniture is for you. The range of beds, chairs, cupboards, chest of drawers, etc is endless but all have intricate curved designs and airy light colors, making it perfect for your sense of style and taste.

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